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Fierce competitive environment

Fierce competitive environment has forced business corporations to ensure that their Business and IT functions are agile and well geared for responding to rapid changes caused by dynamic business demands, disruptive technologies and regulatory requirements. Performance engineering within systems engineering and testing ensures that an optimum solution will be created to meet the specified requirements for performance. A shift in the way testing is currently approached by in-house testing function of Business Corporations is required to enable business outcome aligned testing that is operationally efficient, cost effective and requires minimal business involvement. Bees Synergy Systems performance engineering services when leveraged through digital testing helps build a function for business organizations which is made up of solution-focused experts and domain focused subject matter. The focus of testing is shifting towards customer experience assurance. Our test advisory services ensure that a robust testing function is established with assured outcomes focussed on RoI, customer experience and business alignment. Ensuring your testing function meets business objectives: Bees Synergy Systems testing consultants with extensive industry testing expertise work closely with all key stakeholders. The engagement covers all the key testing disciplines like test management, test process, digital, automation & non-functional areas. Understanding key objectives & priorities Identifying gaps by comparing with industry & BIC KPIs and processes To publish an outcome driven roadmap for testing function to achieve KPIs

Niche Testing

Bees Synergy Systems Niche Testing solution

Bees Synergy Systems Niche Testing solution focuses on testing of new and upcoming technologies. This has helped our customers reach their business goals with without any surprise on go live date. Our primary offering includes customized ETL/DWH automation test tool on a single click with minimum effort, BI reporting automation from UI and data validation, SOA with several tools, Bees Synergy Systems also offers SOA testing with virtualization concept which allow testing to continue even if service provider is offline. NO-SQL against column family, optimization of data center, Big Data and Analytics space from Map-reduce functional test to cluster optimization test to decide the optimized file block size as per domain, number of maximum map-reduce job can be executed in single node, optimized JVM on clusters, Optimized Rack awareness etc.

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Service offering highlights

DWH - inbuilt tool to compare data set against source and target system on a single click. Which even a manual tester can use efficiently without any programming knowledge. It also helps UAT for business users. Even if DB link is not implemented, this tool provide automated solution.

  • BI Report - UI and Data comparison against report source.
  • NO-SQL (Mongo DB and Cassandra) - Cluster optimization testing, Column family optimization etc.
  • BIG Data(Open Hadoop, Horton-Hadoop, Cloudera Hadoop) - Map-Reduce job functional/Automation test, File Block size Optimization as per business domain, Parallel job optimization in each node, JVM
  • optimization in cluster, Real time feel to provide expected time to be taken for different size of files to analysis.
  • SOA - with virtualization solution, it removes the dependencies of service provider system helps to complete testing cycle on time.
  • Faster release cycle.
  • 80% cost reduction for DWH Data comparison using Bees Synergy Systems Automation tool.
  • 40% cost reduction for NO-SQL/Big Data.
  • 30% cost reduction on BI report testing with Bees Synergy Systems re-usable framework with better accuracy on Data validation

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