The healthcare industry has always been driven by technology.

New methods of treatment, medicines, and even new options to improve the logistics involved have pushed the industry forward. The latest development in the healthcare technology realm revolves around apps.

Bees Synergy Systems can enhance the way healthcare facilities operate with apps that are tailored to cater to all their needs. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Medical history database
  • Medical reference material database
  • Communication options for medical staff
  • Scheduling options
  • Digital medical reports and prescriptions

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Healthcare App Development Services

The global healthcare industry is valued at a massive $7.2 trillion,

and this number is expected to reach a massive $9.3 trillion by 2018, according to a Bees study. What is interesting is that the industry appears to lack apps. In terms of core medical facilities that are transmitted via smartphones, this industry is still some way behind others in relation to app development. Popular medical apps usually facilitate video call consultations with healthcare professionals at the very most, and provide rudimentary and often outdated information about symptoms and causes. There are medical news apps too, but they don’t have a direct influence on the diagnosis or treatment of an illness. More often than not, the healthcare industry still relies on paperwork, with patient charts, prescriptions, and test results being transferred physically.

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At Bees Synergy Systems, we believe that such a vital industry shouldn’t rely on a paper-dependent infrastructure. This is why we offer our very own healthcare app development services and healthcare enterprise mobility. With the long-standing support of our parent company – the international IT solutions firm, Bees Synergy Systems – we can deliver outstanding app development for healthcare.

We work on custom healthcare mobile app development that not only offers services already available at global app stores, but brings something unique to the table. Medical app services:
  • Cloud-based storage and sharing of medical histories
  • Enhanced security
  • Updated medical news bulletins
  • Digital entry of prescriptions and doctor’s notes using smartphones or tablets
  • Efficient scheduling features
  • Making appointments with doctors
  • Push reminders for follow-ups
  • Test results delivered electronically
  • eBilling and ePayment facilities
  • App-based prescription delivery
  • Best health practices and personalized literature on illnesses

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