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Promises speed, agility and scalability

Cloud computing promises speed, agility and scalability which will drive innovation and lower costs. An experienced cloud consulting partner like Bees Synergy Systems makes sure the cloud solutions you choose truly reflect the needs of your business the first time.

We partner with you to understand your objectives and long-term vision, taking a structured approach to evaluate and derive the most value from cloud options. We use our technology and domain expertise to reduce project timelines and deployment risks.

We offer the following tailored cloud services:

  • Cloud advisory services establish the foundation for your cloud initiative by studying your current environment in detail and identifying the most suitable applications for migration.
  • Cloud application services guide you through designing, deploying and testing your cloud environment once you identify opportunities for cloud migration.
  • Software as a Service enablement services reduce the risks inherent in unfamiliar areas of development and speed time to market with a range of consulting services.
  • Cloud maintenance and operation services define, automate and manage the complexities of your cloud-based environment to keep your applications performing smoothly.
  • Cloud infrastructure and platform services build out and integrate physical and cloud systems and manage, monitor, test and supply customer support.
  • Clearly defining the problems and challenges you are trying to solve is the most important step to a successful cloud migration.
  • Bees Synergy Systems Cloud Advisory services establish a solid foundation for your cloud initiative. Our step-by-step methodology includes the following services:

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Cloud Fitness and Roadmap Generation

Not everything is destined for the cloud. We delve into your business operations for good cloud migration candidates. These are the ones that require significant investment to maintain and develop in-house, but are easier to migrate to the cloud.

Cloud architectures require a different approach for deploying native applications and for integrating existing ones. Our cloud experts create reference architectures and procedures that provide greater predictability and control.
We take a comprehensive look at your existing infrastructure, including legacy technologies and systems, and present cost-effective options.
We evaluate the sensitivity of the information that might move to the cloud. To ensure compliance with industry and government regulations, we also detail security safeguards that must be put in place and integrate with your existing policies.
At Inleagues Soft Tech, we approach every brief from a holistic perspective. It's not ATL, it's not BTL, and it's not Digital. It's all 3.

From the many SaaS services available in the cloud, we analyze the best options so you make an informed decision that best suits your needs. When you are ready, we help you transition to multi-tenancy, subscription-based billing and build a SaaS front-end with minimal re-engineering.

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