Business process outsourcing has transcended far beyond driving cost efficiencies in non-core business operations. Aligned with business objectives, it has moved to the strategic side of the business functioning plan with new technology platforms, in-built business intelligence and a paradigm shift in the very approach. (Bees Synergy Systems )

Bees Synergy Systems Integrated BPO Offering is our unique approach to deliver innovative and transformative benefits to our clients beyond traditional BPO services. Our approach draws on a combination of our global talent, process transformation expertise, unique solutions and advanced technology tools.

Cost Cutting is now moving beyond traditional lines of staff and inventory. Industry-wide reduction on Capital Expenditure is sought after. As the global economy is rebalancing, businesses need to find innovative ways to access new engines of talent and manage an around-the-world and interconnected workforce to achieve global delivery and ultimately reach high performance. At ZSL, we offer our clients the unique advantage of offshore based IT and BPO services under one roof while integrating into any global Delivery Model. Our business process outsourcing services are mature and have delivered value to clients across verticals.

Advisory Services

  • Service Level Assessment
  • Shared Services Feasibility
  • Outsourcing Feasibility

It is no longer about courteously handling customers’ inquiries via email, live chat, social platforms and phone calls; it’s about leveraging your contact center as a strategic asset to deliver great experiences, create brand loyalty and stickiness that cannot be copied by your rivals. No wonder that contact centers at successful organizations are serving as revenue generation vehicles

Your Journey to success begins here Openng doors to new opportunities. it's time to grow your career through us

Your BPO or back office support operation is considered captive since you will have the opportunity to manage it the way you see fit and emulate the successes of your current operations.(Intugo)With Intugo, you have the option of establishing a small operation with a few dedicated full time employees in our shared environment, or a dedicated office that is built to suit your exact needs for as many employees as you need.

Bees Synergy Systems quality and process driven methodologies of data processing, prepress, web research, image editing and business process support services help our global partners improve service levels, reduce costs of their business and deliver measurable outcomes without capitalizing in requisite technology and skills.

Our Business Process Outsourcing services include

  • BPO of Management and Finance.
  • BPO of Human Resources.
  • BPO of Training
  • BPO of Contact Centers.

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